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Connecting e-Teachers with e-Students

e-Connections are Essential!!!!

This is the experience that a bunch of Master's Degree students at URJC in Madrid, future CLIL Primary e-teachers, are developing with various groups of Primary CLIL e-students across Spain.

The goal consists of developing several e-projects for CLIL Primary students that can be tested and accomplished by the students themselves. In order to achieve that, connecting with those Primary students is essential, since they are the target audience of the various digital projects that these future e-teachers have to design along the Module regarding the use of ICT and Digital Resources within the afore said Master's Degree and without real students, it is almost an impossible goal to achieve. That is why we have searched for and found the cooperation from @blogmaniacos, @capileiratic, @javiramossancha and @julisanzmamolar, who, together with their students, have generously contributed to making our wishes real. Besides, our outcomes have been incorporated to other collaborative more extended projects such as the ones you can check at this link: "Proud to be part of".

Now, we are inviting you to be part of our ongoing CLIL e-projects and we would like to give you some tips as regards how you can join and how we have accomplished our goals:

How to Join in

Find e-students and e-teachers in any part of the world interested in connected learning and teaching and join them together, set up an e-connection based on a common topic, such as Science, Reading, Writing, Storytelling, School Life, Podcasting and so forth, and link them with a video conference, or a hangout or an exchange of video messages, or creating an assignment that the peers at the other school can accomplish, so that they know each others’ needs and interests and they might begin networked e-projects.

How We Accomplished Our Goals

My University students are developing e-projects about different CLIL Primary topics for two months. They are future Primary Bilingual Teachers willing to design motivating activities for CLIL Primary learners, but they need to know those learners’ likes and interests, so in order to foster that, we are setting up connections with Primary CLIL learners across Spain. As timetables for live hangouts do not match, they create the visual prompts both in the face-to-face two-hour sessions and through Internet.
The way to do it is easy: they design video clips/podcasts/animations/quizzes, etc., asking learners how they would like an-project of the kind they are building, so they also become active part of it. They share their one-lesson outcomes across social networks and ask for help; they find bunches of Primary CLIL learners willing to collaborate with their own teachers and the connection just happens.
Here you are some of the prompts my future e-teachers have been creating as well as some of the answers received so far by learners. We are still working together, networked, connected; future e-teachers get the chance to know e-students better and e-students get the chance of taking part in nationwide e-projects in return, extending their learning towards e-learning, from a different perspective to the one they are gaining in their own face-to-face lessons everyday, with the added value of being guided through their learning by various teachers, in various fields.

This is also worth it for the peer teachers, too, who also widen their connections with colleagues and enrich their way of approaching their teaching, as collaborative work is always more rewarding than individual work.


Thanks a lot for dropping by. We are looking forward to having your comments and collaboration!

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  1. Mil gracias por ampliar el escenario educativo de una manera tan estupenda

  2. Gracias a vosotros por poner a nuestra disposición vuestro espacio

  3. I like it very much. You're very enthusiastic!

  4. Thank you very much! It helps a lot!

  5. Me encanto ese momento del vídeo pero hay estábamos muy nerviosos

  6. Thank you very much for taking interest in our e-projects! We are having fun doing them!

  7. thanks so much to be interest in our project!!


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